What we can do to carry out CARPE DIEM, which means "seize the day".

As the name suggests, we have the best instructors for support all of our members to seize the best day.

Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that can improve no matter how old you are and the day you want to start is the best day for you to start.
Would you like to start your wonderful Jiu-Jitsu life with us and seize the best day?

Emerson Azuma

Jiu-Jitsu head Instructor/ Black belt

  • Nickname
  • Date of Birth
    10 July 1972
  • Place of Birth
    Paranaguá, Brazil
  • Height
  • Blood type


He has had a good reputation for winning by ippon since he was MMA. Even in Jiu-Jitsu teaching, he has pursued to mastering a useful skill without compromise. When he lived in Tokyo, he had training instruction experience from actors to professional fighter, and after moving to Okinawa in 2019, he taught Jiu-Jitsu at the dojo in the US military base.


My hobbies are gardening, collecting seashells, and my family. I grew up in the great outdoors of Brazil, and I want my precious family to have many experiences through nature as well. I am very happy to be the member of “CARPEDIEM (which means seize the day)” by moving to Okinawa.


  • Former ZST Professional fighter (MMA)
  • All Japan Shooto Grappling Champion
  • All Japan Pancrase Grappling Champion
  • ADCC Kanto・cup Champion
  • All Japan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion (Black belt/ Feather weight)
  • All Japan Master Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion (Black belt/ Feather weight)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ASIA Cup Champion (Black belt/ Feather weight)
  • IBJJF WORLD MASTER Third Place (Black belt/ Feather weight)

Hiryu Okamoto

Jiu-Jitsu Instructor/ Black belt

  • Nickname
  • Date of Birth
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood type


He started practicing Judo since he was a child, and and in high school he competed in the Inter High School championships and National Athletic Meet.
When he became a university student, he became interested in martial arts and was ranked 3rd in Japan in amateur Shooto.
After turning professional, he participated in many famous tournaments such as Sengoku, DEEP and ZST and fights more than 20 games.
He quitted Jiu-jitsu once due to injures but resumed training Jiu-Jitsu again.
Then he got blackbelt from Hayato Mach Sakurai who is a pro MMA. Now He is feeding back the experience of training in CARPEDIEM Aoyama headquarter to CARPEDIEM Okinawa.


My hobbies are walking my dog and cleaning.
My dog loves to enjoy walking, and he doesn’t care whether it’s raining or windy.
Walking on a rainy day is sometimes hard, but I love that time because it makes me feel relieved when I see him enjoying himself.
I also make it a routine to clean my room every morning, as it tends to get dirty and messy, which causes me stress.

Márcio Santos


  • Nickname

Márcio Santos’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu instrutor history and records

Started Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2004 at Manimal Jiu-jitsu Team with Roberto Cunha Sensei

Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue, purple and brown belt under Roberto Muniz Cunha 5th degree at
Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
IBJJF international Brazilian jiu-jitsu federation brown belt member # 443.242
IPJJF international Professional Brazilian jiu-jitsu federation brown belt member # 001527
CBJJE Brazilian sportive jiu-jitsu federation brown belt member # AT73684
JBJJF Japan Brazilian jiu-jitsu federation brown belt member
Member of Judo masters Bahia: middle weight master III. Salvador Bahia institute of judo
Budokan Brazil.

Yuichi Miyagi

Kickboxing head instructor

  • Nickname
    Miyagi sensei
  • Date of Birth
    14 January 1983
  • Place of Birth
    Naha City, Okinawa
  • Height
  • Blood type


He didn’t play/practice any sports until high school, and when a university student, he took the plunge and started practicing MMA.
Currently, he is the representative of “Kickboxing gym Drop” and is also active as a professional MMA fighter.


I have no hobbies except martial arts.
Fortunately, I am able to work with my favorite martial arts, so I’m having a good time every day.
It may not be my hobby, but I love eating, so I’m worried that I won’t get fat when I retire.


  • 6th Amateur Pancrase tournament (less than 60kg class) 2nd place
  • Pancrase Neo Blood Tournament (Featherweight) 2nd place
  • MA Kickboxing Rookie of the year Tournament (Lightweight) Champion
  • Kickboxing West Japan Unified Tournament (Lightweight) First Champion

Kickboxing fight record: 10 Wins, 6 Losses, 3 Draws

  • Turning into MMA Fighter
  • 1st OKINAWA JIU-JITSU Championship Adult Blue Belt Light Featherweight Champion
  • GLADIATOR Light Flyweight Champion

Current as of May 2021
MMA record: 16 Wins 9 Losses 1 Draw
SHOOT World Flyweight 8th

Tadaya Shimajiri

Kickboxing/body fitness instructor

  • Nickname
    Lottare seijin
  • Date of Birth
    21 December 1990
  • Place of Birth
  • Height
  • Blood type


He started martial arts when he was 22. After gain experience in amateur class, he made professional debut in his 26. He is now working on improve his own body and has a wealth of knowledge about body fitness.


My hobbies are photography and visiting cafes!
On my day off, I like to get up early and relax at the cafe with my camera! I like nature, so I take pictures of the sea and sunset.
Also, I like coffee. I’m into buying some coffee beans from various shops, grinding the beans myself and comparing them these days!


in 2016, became a professional in kickboxing
Record: 5 Wins(2KO) 4 Losses

Yurika Nakaema

Ladies Kickboxing Instructor

  • Nickname
  • Date of Birth
    27 Oct 1985
  • Place of Birth
    Naha City, Okinawa
  • Height
  • Blood type


She has liked exercise and belonged to the softball club when she was a student. However, she didn’t do any sports after that and she got a job not related to sports. She became interested in kickboxing when she helped her brother’s gym, and is currently training to become a trainer. With her perseverance and her friendliness personality, she aims to make her class that can understand and support each person.


My hobbies are traveling and listening to music.
I especially like traveling abroad, and I enjoy communicating with the locals, experience their culture, and eating traditional food. Recently, I haven’t been able to travel easily, so I would like to travel around Okinawa again.
Basically, I listen to the music of any genre, but recently I listen to KPOP a lot, so I’m addicted to Korea. I also love Korean dramas and Korean food.

Azuma Elleni

Pilates instructor

  • Nickname


She started dancing when she was a child, and after making her major debut with a dance unit in 1999 with a dance unit, she became a regular performer on dance programs and was active as a model. She has been the exclusive instructor for model Jun Hasegawa, former professional golfer Miho Koga, and talent Laura in the past.
After more than 20 years of teaching experience as a professional dancer, in 2009 she learned anatomy to understand the mechanism of muscles and how to use the body from the cause of her injury and acquired qualification of Pilates instructor. She produced “Chichita Studio Harajuku”, a studio that provides one-on-one lessons tailored to individual problems at a reasonable price. She is also focusing on training instructors as a master trainer of the “JSI Association” to develop human resources who can teach how to use her body correctly.
She is also very popular among working women because her self-produced skeletal fitness “Pyradance” has become famous on YouTube. She also provides pelvic correction programs for corporate training, and has been featured in magazines such as “Domani” and “JELLY”, and on TV programs such as “Nana-sta”.


I turned my hobby into a job, so the answer is my job. I love dancing and teaching how to use the body to keep beautiful. I also love time spending with my family.


  • psychology counselor by JIM Association
  • FTP Basic Mat Pilates Instructor International License
  • First-class Body Care Therapist license
  • JMA First-class Prenatal Yoga instructor
  • JSIA First-class Postural Stability master trainer

List of media appearances

She has 32 years of dance experience
(Jazz 6 years, Lock/Soul 4 years, HIPHOP 20 years, House 5 years, Salsa 7 years)

☆Live/Stage Performances☆

  • * Ulfuls Back Dancer
  • * Mitsuhiro Oikawa Back Dancer
  • * In 1999 Major debut from King Records as a dance member of the dance unit B-LAND
  • * In 1999 DANCE DELIGHT National Tournament 6 qualifying guest appearances
  • * JOE performance in Japan Front Act
  • * ZOO FUNK Back Dancer
  • * RIZIN dancer

☆TV show☆

  • TV Tokyo “Rave2001”
  • TV Tokyo “What’s Up”
  • TV Tokyo “BLOOM”


  • “Dance Style Vivid”
  • “Broken Dance Artist Films: Vol.3”


  • In 2005 Campaign dancer and model for Nike Women
  • In 2007 Model for Magazine “Dance Style”
  • In 2009 Model for clothing brand “GESTS”

☆Music Video/TV commercials☆

  • In 2010 COSMOCCOS/Alien
  • In 2011 Music Video “eyes with AK-69 & JESSE(RIZE)” by ALLY & DIAZ
  • In 2013 Music Video “Odorina” by CORN HEAD feat. Cherry Brown